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Monday, March 26, 2018

Vaibhav's writing about an homeless women Easter.

Author’s name Vaibhav
Estar was a lonely lady,she lived in the junkyard one she was looking for stuff she could collect some delicate items to make her house more amazing. She took an ripped umbrella then she walked into a broken car and found some tiny trees then she fell on the seat and felt something weird on her back.She looked around then saw necklaces rings but instead she took only one ring!!! When she went back to her little tent she fi hung the umbrella up then light a candle and put it under the umbrella then put a can over the candle then put the 3 trees on the side then she put the ring on the rope and she couldn’t believe her eyes it was like disco lights. After that she fell to sleep. The next day a family member came to see her and she said thank you.

To be continued 1,000,000$ buddy marked Clive

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