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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mt Albert swimming

As we  walked into Mt Albert wave pools the first thing I saw was the  hydro slide. It was colossal and huge. I felt like leaping right in it. Then I saw an amazing sight it was a boat with air in it.Mrs Taege lead us to a room and said “Come on room 8 let’s go in this room “. As we strolled with Mrs Taege into the room she was leading us to, I said “ Mrs Taege are we going to the room with the cliff? “, and Mrs Taege said “yes.” When we reached that room there was someone called Carol and she taught us all about how to be safe in deep water.


  1. Vaibhav, you have used DAD effectively. I like how you were able to identify your verbs. - Mrs T

  2. Vaibav,You have used excellent use of descriptive language in your writing and next time you could expand on your ideas by reaserching
    on water safety

  3. Good job,I think you used a lot of punctuation and you could add
    more descriptiom